We are a motivated team with big ambitions to provide a good quality of tea for the people across the world and use e-commerce solutions to deliver the items with fast domestic shipping and a reasonable price

All About Us

With a tea history dating back over 4,700 years and a variety of over 220 different tea items, Chinese tea is a symbol of tea culture that is well-recognised around the world. Bluesea has been searching for all varieties of outstanding organic tea local to China since its inception in 2018. Bluesea now provides the first selected series of macha in 2022, with the goal of sharing the best Chinese tea with the globe. Bluesea is dedicated to providing you with more high-quality, naturally grown authentic Chinese tea to brighten your day.

Angel Ni, Bluesea Co-Founder

Educare School

Bluesea In A Glance

tea leaves

Our tea leaves are grown in China 

We get our produce from a farm near Shaoxing, China. The farm is located in a mountainous section of the region with ideal growing conditions for tea leaves.

Processing tea leaves

Processed in China

After harvesting, the tea leaves are transported to the factory for processing. We are concerned about the quality of our products and conduct frequent inspections of the manufacturing facilities.


From China to the United States 

Our products have received FDA approval in the United States, as well as import and export certificates for qualifying products.


Delivery to our  Customers 

When the tea packs arrive in the United States, they are stocked in appropriate locations and distributed to our customers when their orders are received.

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