What Teas are the Best Selling Teas in the US?

American tea culture has significantly grown over recent years. Insights from a recent survey showed that tea is now a popular choice among Millenials, who make up about 60% of all Americans who prefer tea. Various studies have also attributed the increased tea consumption to its health benefits. 

However, Americans have specific types of teas they enjoy as part of their tea culture and recent trend. With so many great tea options in the market, it is not easy to choose one. Therefore, this post looks into the best-sellers in the US. 

3 Best Selling Types of Tea in the US

Black Tea 

Black tea is the bestselling and most popular tea in the US. The Tea Association of the USA estimated that 84% of all tea consumed in the US was black tea.

This tea is characterized by a robust flavor (it blends well with American cuisine) and its high caffeine level above other teas. Above all, it tends to have a long shelf life and is versatile. Black tea can be used to make hot and iced tea, which is common in the US. 

Among the most popular types of black tea in the US include: 

  1. Earl grey- it’s black tea flavored with Bergamot oil. It’s recognized as one of the most flavored teas in the world. 
  2. English breakfast tea- it entails blends of black teas. Some people also like it with some milk and sugar. 
  3. Nilgiri winter frost black tea- it offers a nice fruity and floral flavor and a honey-like sweetness. 
  4. Yunnan black tea- It’s a black tea from Yunnan province China. It is full-bodied with a chocolate-like flavor, and it’s smooth. It brews to form a nice russet-red color 

Green tea 

Green tea is another bestselling type of tea in the US. It’s estimated that approximately 15% of tea consumed in the US is green tea. It’s of the least processed types of tea; thus, it contains most of its antioxidants and polyphenols. 

One thing about green tea that attracts most consumers is its health benefits. They include antioxidants that lower the risk of cancers, improve brain health, reduce blood fat levels, enhance blood sugar regulation, ease stress, etc. 

Japanese and Chinese green teas are the most popular in the green tea market due to their outstanding tastes and flavors. Common green teas include the Dragonwell (Long Jing), Sencha, Kukicha, and Matcha (finely grounded powder from high-grade green tea leaves). 

Oolong and white teas

Oolong and white teas are also common types of tea despite having a smaller market size compared to the dominant black and green tea. Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea made from the known Camellia sinensis plant, which is also used to make green, white, and black tea. However, white tea is among the least processed teas, and its leaves are picked right before the buds open. It tends to have a delicate and sweet flavor. 

On the other hand, consumers like Oolong tea because of its high level of amino acids (L-theanine), which enhance sleep quality, reduce anxiety and stimulate fat burning of calories in the body. 

Bottom Line

Black and green teas are the bestselling teas in the US due to their versatility and health benefits, respectively. White and Oolong teas are not dominant in America, but there is a consistent market from tea aficionados who like exploring the unique flavors of various Chinese teas. 

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