What is a Private Label Tea?

As the tea industry grows annually and consumers appreciate various teas, it has accelerated the power of private-label tea in the market. Retail stores’ brands play a critical role in most consumers’ lives. Overall, the global private-label food and beverage market is expected to reach $15.1 billion by 2028. 

Consequently, manufacturers in various industries, particularly tea manufacturers, have embraced the vital role of private labels in the market’s supply chain. 

What is Private Label Tea?

Private label tea is tea manufactured or imported by one company and then sold wholesale to another company that sells the same under its own brand name and not the manufacturer’s name. Private labels are common in generic brands of food products, including tea.
Private label teas should be sold by companies that largely operate as tea companies. However, it helps businesses such as restaurants and hotels sell their tea brand name without the stress of sourcing the tea like tea businesses do.
In brief, a private-label tea company or manufacturer sells tea/ tea products to another company/business (wholesale and retail). Then the company sells the tea to its customer under its brand name. Another scenario is when a company buys tea products from a manufacturer and packages them under its brand as promotional or corporate gifts for its staff, clients, or partners.

Private Label Tea as a Business and Its Impact

Private label is pretty common in the coffee and tea trade. Tea companies or manufacturers that sell directly to individuals often offer private-label tea services. It offers a high-profit margin advantage to them.
How do other businesses buying from private-label tea companies stand to benefit anyway? First, it reduces the investment capital of importing and stocking various teas, flavors, and ingredients, which is often the case if they decide to do their own packaging. That enables a brand to focus on sales and marketing, not other labor-intensive manufacturing processes.
Therefore, once such a business has established its tea brand, it can easily attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty. Consequently, their sales and revenues could increase significantly.
Above all, private brands can capitalize on the right flavor selection and quality that matches customers’ expectations for quality. One cannot ignore the convenience aspect private tea brands offer to consumers.
Finally, most private-label tea companies offer labeling services to their private-brand customers. All it takes is for the customer to place a minimum order quantity set by the manufacturer, send your artwork (brand name, logo, company information, etc.), and they brand the packaging before shipping it to you.

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