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Are you looking for quality Chinese teas in wholesale and bulk supply? Here at Bluesea, we understand this can be a hassle, especially finding a reliable supplier who offers quality tea products. Therefore, we go all-out to offer a variety of green, black, and white teas to customers around the world, as listed below:

1. Wu Lu Green Tea

Wu Lu green tea is a superior Chinese green tea with very thin, even, and tight curls on dry leaves. This non-fermented tea is made from a species called Jiukeng, which is taken through several processes like fixation, rolling, desiccation, and re-drying. Its green leaves are usually fine and long with a jade green color and lingering floral, vegetal aroma.
Often, Wu Lu green tea is harvested around March-April every year. Wu Lu green tea is known for its high level of Theanine, vitamin C, and alkaloids. Its health benefits include promoting blood circulation and helping to cure intestinal diseases.

Wulu Green Tea


A Chinese saying goes, “Where there’s cloud and mist, there’s bound to be a good tea.” It’s a saying that perfectly describes the Lushan mountain tea growing region in China's Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jiangxi provinces. In fact, this tea is named after the mountain mist that covers the landscape. WU means mountain mist, and LU means green bud.
Lushan Mountain is a high-altitude area that experiences seasonal temperature differences throughout the year, thus making it an ideal place with the conditions for growing Chinese green tea. The foggy conditions in these areas also create a natural shade that promotes high nutrient concentration and enhances the tea leaves' strong green pigment.

Taste notes and flavor

Wu Lu green tea offers a mellow, enduring, and refreshing taste. It produces a generous, fruity, and slightly sweet flavor after infusion.

Brewing guide

Quantity: 2g in 200 ml of water
Water temperature: 80 degrees Celsius
Infusion time: 2-3 minutes

2. Ming Qian West Lake Longjing Green Tea

Ming Qian West Lake Longjing green tea is also called the Dragon well, and it’s grown around the West Lake area in Hangzhou. The first flush of this type of Longjing green tea is harvested by hand a few days before the Qing Ming festival and the rainy spring season. It’s also referred to as Pre-Qingming tea which is often categorized as premium tea due to the short production cycle. The West Lake Longjing green tea from Bluesea Tea belongs to Mingqian tea.
The best tea leaves are flat, with one bud and one leaf, and they’re also known as “one bud and one leaf” tea leaves. They produce a light golden brown liquor after brewing. It’s one of the most sought-after types of Chinese green tea.
So how are Ming Qian Longjing green tea leaves produced? After harvest, the leaves are dried for half a day to reduce the amount of moisture. They’re then pan-fried carefully according to the size, level of tenderness, and shape of the leaves.
Longjing tea is globally well-known for its vibrant green color, beautiful shape, and exquisite production process. Notably, it contains more amino acids, vitamin C, and chlorophyll, other nutrients, than other tea types.

West Lake Longjing Green Tea


As the name suggests, this Chinese green tea is named after the Longjing Village in the West Lake mountain area of Hangzhou in China. Longjing tea can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. However, it flourished in the Ming Dynasty.

Taste notes and flavor

Ming Qian West Lake Longjing green tea has a nice and bracing herbaceous profile with a green nutty and creamy note. The taste is also long-lasting in the mouth. Its yellow-green liquor tends to have a light vegetal toasty aroma.

Brewing guide

Quantity: 3g in 250 ml of water
Water temperature: 80 degrees Celsius
Infusion time: 2-3 minutes
It can be infused multiple times (2 to 4 times)

3. Osmanthus Black Tea

Osmanthus black tea is a kind of a special black tea. It’s made of slightly curled fat and shiny tea leaves of high-quality Oolong tea that is scented with fresh golden Osmanthus flowers. The tea leaves are harvested in spring before grain rain. They are known to have a remarkable capacity to absorb and preserve the scent of flowers.
The Osmanthus blossoms are hand-picked in the autumn (often November) season, when they have the most amazing sweet aroma.
However, only the freshest Osmanthus blossoms are added to scent the black tea. After the scenting process is done, the tea and flowers are filtered and separated. However, a small number of petals remain in the dry tea, but you can hardly see them.
Some of this tea's health benefits include boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, and preventing kidney diseases. It’s also rich in antioxidants and vitamin B3.

Osmanthus Black Tea


Osmanthus black tea’s history can be traced to Ya’an City in the west of the Sichuan Basin in Sichuan Province, China. It’s a city with mountains and rivers where Chinese people tea cultivation was in the Western Han Dynasty. This region is often drizzly throughout the year but experiences warm temperatures of about 14 degrees Celsius.
Osmanthus is a native flower from the Guangxi province of China, where it’s a symbol of love and romance in one of the cities, Guilin.

Taste notes and flavor

Depending on your steeping, you’re more likely to experience a soft and sweet taste (from the Osmanthus) and a savory aroma (from the black tea). A honeyed texture also accompanies the taste.

Brewing guide

Quantity: 4g in 240 ml of water
Water temperature: 90 degrees Celsius
Infusion time: 2-3 minutes
It can be infused multiple times (up to 5 times)

4. Wuyang Gongfu Black Tea

Wuyang Gongfu black tea is a full-fermented tea made from fresh hand-picked buds and leaves. This tea is grown in the Jiulong Mountain region in Zhejiang province. This area is 1000 meters above sea level and is frequently filled with clouds that favor growing tea.
Making Wuyang Gongfu black tea starts with withering, rolling, and fermentation, then desiccation, and ends with re-drying. The tea leaves are tight and thin.

Wuyang Gongfu Black Tea


Wuyang Gongfu tea is a type of black tea which is originally from the Fujian province before its popularity spread across other provinces in China.

Taste notes and flavor

It features a sweet mellow aroma and notes of honey and malt. Additionally, it has an excellent lasting finish.

Brewing guide

Quantity: 2.5g in 300 ml of water
Water temperature: 90 degrees Celsius
Infusion time: 2-7 minutes

Bottom line

Do you want the best of Chinese teas? Bluesea Tea is that supplier who understands your product needs. We supply all of the above tea to customers across the world. Besides, we collaborate with other companies and offer private labels and wholesale and bulk tea supplies. Click here to receive our product catalog and free samples.






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