Is Matcha Latte Better Hot or Cold?

Most people think you only do matcha latte when it’s hot. However, matcha is a versatile drink: you can drink it hot or cold. Besides, it’s pretty easy to make any of the outlined options. You’ll often come across debates between hot and cold matcha latte. Which matcha latte is better: hot or cold? Keep reading down here.

What is a Matcha Latte?

A matcha latte is a tea made from matcha powder mixed with water and milk. It’s a frothy drink with a slightly bitter flavor and a brilliant color. Matcha latte can be served in iced or hot form. Notably, it has low levels of caffeine and a high amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that bring about many health benefits

Does Hot Matcha Latte Taste Better than Cold Matcha Latte?

Usually, the cold or iced matcha version has a smooth and refreshing taste with a nice creamy texture from the milk. You also get a grassy solid profile from a cold brewed matcha latte. A cold matcha latte is an ideal drink when you want to enjoy a more umami flavor from matcha.
On the other hand, a hot version of a matcha latte has a sweet high, tone grassy taste and an intense nutty flavor. Additionally, hot matcha lattes tend to have a smoother texture than cold ones. 

Is Matcha Healthier, Iced or Hot?

To a great degree, cold and hot matcha lattes have the same health benefits. Often, the temperature of the tea doesn’t have much effect on its components. That means all of these lattes are healthy because all nutrients infuse equally. Besides, matcha is powdered green tea leaves, and you’ll consume all its content. 

However, a study found that using hot water, specifically about 175 Fahrenheit with green tea, effectively extracts more of its significant components, such as L-theanine and catechins. L-theanine is an essential substance known to enhance mental focus and better sleep quality. 

It is also worth noting that excessively heated water (above the optimal temperature of 175 Fahrenheit) could destroy the nutritional properties such as antioxidants in the tea. 

This brings us to the question of ideal water temperatures to brew a matcha latte. First, you should avoid using boiling water to prepare matcha teas. More importantly, there is a simple rule by tea masters that stipulates that when you’ve higher the quality of green tea, the temperature of the water should be low. Some tea masters also suggest that only with cooler water can maximum umami be coaxed out of the tea.

What is the Best Way to Drink Matcha Latte?

As outlined earlier, there is no best way to drink a matcha latte. You can drink it hot or cold/iced. Both of them have immense health benefits and taste nice. It all depends on how you want it. A cup of iced/cold matcha latte will leave you with a refreshing taste and strong umami flavor. In contrast, a hot brewed cup of matcha latte has a smoother texture and more intense grassy taste.

A Simple Way to Make a Nice Matcha Latte

Regardless of how you like your matcha latte, there is a simple way to brew it and strike a balance between the two versions. 

Start by adding high-quality organic matcha powder in a bowl and then add water at room temperature. You should then whisk it before adding hot milk and whisk it again. Finally, throw some ice before enjoying the drink. 

Final Thought

Matcha latte is a versatile drink yet easy to prepare. You can enjoy it hot or cold. Both have similar health benefits and great tastes. However, ensure you use quality matcha powder when you prepare your favorite matcha latte. 

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