How to Make Bubble Tea with Chinese Tea

Matcha tea has been grabbing users’ attention over the internet. However, we’ve recently had the Boba boom on social media like Instagram. Boba is simply bubble tea, and it’s common in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and China. It’s super delicious with a sweet taste and unique ingredients, thus what attracts most people. Bubble tea is readily available in a variety of colors, textures, and flavors. Some tea lovers, especially young adults, describe it as somewhere between a snack and a fancy drink. 

What is Bubble tea anyway, and how can you make it? Keep reading down here as we get into it.

What is Bubble Tea?

Boba tea or bubble tea is a concoction of tea (matcha, black tea, jasmine tea, or Pu’er tea), milk, fruits, and yummy tapioca balls (pearls) are also added at the bottom. It’s also unique that bubble tea is often served in transparent cups with a fat straw. While the real founder of the Boba drink is not well-known, the truth is that this beverage is of Taiwanese heritage cuisine. 

Notably, there are endless varieties of bubble tea. Surprisingly, some varieties don’t even include tea as an ingredient. Also, instead of typical tapioca pearls topping, you can find some bubble tea varieties with classic toppings such as egg pudding, coffee jelly, grass jelly, etc. 

A well-prepared cup of bubble tea should be refreshing and sweet with a smooth texture. 

What is needed to Make Bubble Tea at Home?

With the growing bubble tea trend, it’s easy to find a place to grab a cup of bubble tea. However, it’s worth noting that some bubble tea you get from teahouse chains may not be of high quality since some teahouses use powders, juices, and artificial sugars to make their bubble tea. Notably, making tea bubbles for yourself at home isn’t that hard when you’ve all the required ingredients. Besides, making it yourself is much cheaper than store-bought bubble tea.

What kind of tea do you use for bubble tea?

Tea is one of the main components when you want some nice bubble tea. Traditionally, the best tea for bubble tea is black tea. It has a strong flavor. Jasmine tea and Oolong tea are also good options. Remarkably, Chinese black tea (specifically earl grey) is the most popular option used for bubble tea due to its bold and robust flavor. 

What kind of milk do you use for bubble tea?

The ideal type of milk for bubble tea is whole milk due to its outstanding flavor and how it foams up pretty well. However, some use non-diary alternatives such as soy or nut milk. 

What kind of tapioca pearls do you use for bubble tea? 

Tapioca pearls or Boba balls are like a ‘signature’ in bubble tea. While you can use any tapioca pearls for bubble tea, black tapioca pearls tend to stand out. You can easily get them from grocery stores or make some at home using cassava starch, sugar, and water. 

If you buy tapioca balls, choose quality ones that cook easily. 

What kind of sweetener do you use in bubble tea? 

Sugar syrup is the best option because it evenly distributes in the milk. Other sweetener options for bubble tea include caster sugar, honey, and maple syrup. 

In brief, the ingredients needed to make bubble tea include Chinese black tea, hot water, black tapioca pearls, whole milk, and syrup. The amount you need varies depending on the quantity of bubble tea you intend to make. 

Recipe Instructions to Make Bubble Tea

Step 1: Put the tea (loose tea leaves or teabags) in the warm water and allow it to brew for about 10 minutes. 

Step 2: Remove the tea and let the steep come to room temperature. 

Step 3: Warm some water (nearly to boil) and add tapioca pearls as you stir. Let them cook for about 5 minutes till they’re soft. You can cook longer till you achieve the desired softness. 

Step 4: Rinse your tapioca pearls and put them in a bowl where you will add syrup. 

Step 5: Add the tea into a cup, followed by milk. You can add more syrup to taste (optional). Then stir the concoction using a metal spoon. You can add more milk to achieve a smoother texture. 

Step 6: Add some ice cubes and a Boba straw to your drink before enjoying it.  

Bottom line 

The bubble tea trend doesn’t seem to fade soon. It’s consumed frequently, like other beverages such as smoothies, coffee, and soda. Above all, preparing it is straightforward. 

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