How to Drink Chinese Black Tea

Chinese black tea is not new in the global tea space. Unlike other regions of the world like the west, Chinese black tea isn’t the same as the typical black tea, often called red tea in China. Additionally, how the Chinese enjoy their black tea is different from how Westerners prepare and drink theirs. How does it happen anyway? Let’s find out down here.

Gongfu Cha: The Best Way to Enjoy Chinese Black Tea

Gongfu Cha is the Chinese method or style of drinking tea. It’s an age-old method that has grown to be part of Chinese tea culture for thousands of years. Gongfu translates to brewing tea with discipline and skill or making tea the right way.
Among the critical elements of Gongfu Cha includes a higher tea-to-water ratio with several steepings. This is because each steeping changes the taste and smell of the tea. Therefore, it requires one to have a lot of precision and consistency when brewing the tea.

What you’ll need to prepare Gongfu black tea

There are necessary things you’ll need to prepare Gongfu tea. They include:
1. Tea vessel or a small teapot
2. A set of tea cups
3. A Gong Dao Bei (fairness pitcher)
4. A strainer
5. A tea scoop or teaspoon
6. Chinese black tea- Chinese black tea is classified into 3 categories depending on where it grows, i.e., Xiao Zhong black tea, Gongfu black tea, and broken black tea.

How to prepare Chinese black tea in the Gongfu style

This method of preparing Chinese tea may seem complex if you’ve not experienced it. Here is a brief yet easy guide you can follow:
1. Start by preparing the space you’ll be using.
2. Then prepare the tea leaves and teaware.
3. Rinse and warm the teapot
4. Put loose tea leaves into the pot.
5. (Optional) pour some hot water into the teapot to rinse the tea leaves. You should steep the tea for a few seconds before pouring out the infusion. Rinsing the tea leaves removes any dirt and helps open up some of the tea leaves that could be tightly rolled.
6. Put hot water for the first brew into the teapot and wait 10-20 seconds to form the first infusion.
7. Pour the first brew into the fairness cup before serving tea into other tea cups.
8. You can taste the tea and note its aroma before serving.
9. You should repeat steps 6 and 7 if you want to make more infusions.

How to enjoy Chinese black tea the right way

Once you’re served Gongfu black tea, you should observe certain etiquette. First, admire the tea’s color and aroma for a moment. Then taste the tea by slowly taking small sips.
It’s a common practice in Chinese culture to smell the aroma of your teacup after sipping the tea.

Final Thought

The Chinese way of drinking tea ultimately focuses on enjoying every drop of tea from cup to mouth.
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