Best Teas for Wholesale in the US

Despite coffee being a popular beverage in the US, tea is consumed in almost 80% of all US households, and approximately 75 to 80% of tea consumed in America is iced. American tea culture is still alive, whereby it’s often served hot or iced. Additionally, others like it sweet or unsweetened. 

Surprisingly, Americans are versatile people who enjoy different types of tea, from black tea, Chinese tea, and green tea to matcha tea. Drinker loves to explore various teas’ tastes, flavors, and colors. Are you a tea seller? Let’s explore the best teas for wholesale in the US. 

4 Best Teas for Wholesale in the USA

Black tea

Black tea is the world’s favorite type of tea. True to that, statistics showed that about 65% of tea consumed in the US is black tea. There is a likelihood that when you talk about tea, most people will first think of black tea. 

In America, it is easy to find people drinking black tea almost any time, from breakfast and during the daytime to after meals. Why do most Americans prefer black tea? Most consumers like the bold flavor and caffeine that black tea offers. Besides, it has immense health benefits, from improved oral health and enhanced heart function to powerful antioxidants that help decrease inflammation. 

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Green tea

Green tea is another popular type of tea in the USA. A lifestyle survey showed that approximately 86% of Americans drink green tea. Green tea comes in various varieties and is processed differently, thus giving consumers a unique flavor, which is one reason Americans like it.

Besides, most consumers choose green tea over types of tea due to its many health benefits. They include enhancing brain function, helping lose weight, reducing the risk of some cancers, and preventing heart disease. Above all, it has significantly low levels of caffeine than coffee and black tea. 

Green tea is sold in two forms, i.e., as loose tea leaves or in tea bags. The green tea market is expected to reach $23.2 billion by 2028 growing at a CAGR of 71% from 2022 to 2028. 

Matcha tea

Matcha tea is a type of green tea commonly grown in China and Japan. Its popularity has recently been explored in the USA as more consumers make health-conscious decisions regarding foods or drinks. Above all, Matcha lattes have become a big trend in the US as an alternative to dalgona coffee. 

Matcha’s health benefits include lowering cholesterol, improving concentration, boosting the immune system, and increasing energy levels in the body. 

Matcha is usually in the form of a powder that is offered in three grades, i.e., ceremonial, premium/latte, and culinary. Unlike other teas, matcha powder is versatile, can be enjoyed as a tea, and can be incorporated into foods such as pastries or cocktails to enhance flavor. 

The global matcha tea market is estimated to reach US$6.19 Billion by 2030. With its growing popularity and increased demand, Matcha is one of the best tea for wholesale in the USA. 

Chinese Gonfu tea

What is Gongfu tea anyway? Gong fu tea is a type of Chinese black tea prepared in a particular way: instead of steeping tea once, it’s steeped severally. It’s also called Kung Fu tea. Gong fu refers to the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, which means “making tea the right way.”  

More Americans are now exploring and understanding Chinese teas, and Gongfu tea is one of them. Tea lovers like its unique, full-bodied flavor and sweet aroma.

Tips for Buying from Wholesale Tea Suppliers

Below are useful tips for tea sellers while making wholesale tea orders:

1- Talk to your tea supplier to find out the varieties of teas they sell and the method of processing used. Some suppliers provide an in-depth report about the growth and processing of their various teas.

2- Find out what form of tea your potential customers enjoy more. Is it loose tea leaves or tea bags?

3- Always verify if the tea meets the health standards, especially USDA certification.

4- Be aware of labeling rights before selecting a supplier. Does the supplier allow you to sell the tea under your company’s name, or do you have to mention their brand name?

5- Be sure to look out for the minimum orders for wholesale orders and shipping time. 

Bottom line

Above are some of the best teas for wholesale in the US and tips for buying wholesale tea. Notably, white tea and herbal tea are also gaining most American consumers' attention. If you’re an American tea seller looking to purchase wholesale teas (black tea, green tea, white tea, Oolong tea, and green tea), Bluesea Tea is the ideal supplier. Our tea is grown organically and processed in China. We produce tea for our customers, either loose leaf or tea bag, according to their needs. We also do organic matcha powder for our customers.