6 Tips to Consider for Buying Bulk Tea from Wholesale Tea Suppliers

The industry is growing year after year as more consumers develop an interest in trying various tea varieties. Additionally, there is more awareness about tea's health benefits, especially the antioxidant that helps lower the risk of heart disease, promotes weight loss, and helps reduce cell damage from free radicals. Consequently, tea demand and sales are increasing across the world.
Notably, as the market expands, more tea suppliers are entering the market. Therefore, restaurant / café owners or tea retailers should pay attention to a few things when making bulk orders from tea wholesalers. It helps in acquiring quality tea that their ideal customer needs.

Factors/tips to Consider When Buying Bulk Wholesale Tea

1. What varieties does a tea supplier offer?

As a person in the tea business, you need to look for varieties of tea depending on what your clients need. The most commonly consumed tea varieties include black tea and green tea. Therefore, you need to find a tea supplier offering high-quality of these teas. Other varieties include white and Oolong tea, but they’re considered specialty tea and have a lower demand.

2. What forms of tea are available?

Teas come in various forms, i.e., loose-leaf tea, tea bags, and powdered tea. Depending on your customers' needs, you can get any type or all of them. However, when buying bulk wholesale tea from suppliers, you must know what form of tea they have in stock and how it’s packaged.
Loose-leaf tea is made of larger pieces of tea leaves and is often not pre-packaged. Tea bags are smaller pieces of tea leaves that are packaged in small porous sachets. Lastly, powdered tea is tea leaves in the form of grounded powder. An example of grounded tea is matcha tea.

3. Is it organic?

With increased health awareness among consumers, you need to know how the wholesale tea you get from a supplier is cultivated and processed. Consumers, now more than before, appreciate organic food products. Additionally, organic products make it easy to market and sell without violating critical laws. 

One way to verify the tea from a supplier is organic is by checking if they’re USDA-certified. Learn more about health certificates a tea supplier must have. 

4. What is the minimum order size?

When buying bulk wholesale tea, you must first determine the quantities you need and consider the minimum shipping order size a tea supplier accepts.

5. Labeling rights

When buying bulk tea from a supplier and you plan to label the products with your brand name, you need to know about labeling rights. Some suppliers require you to mention their brand when you label their products as your own. On the other hand, others allow you to sell the tea under your company’s name without their brand name: private label sales.
You must not ignore this important aspect to avoid legal problems with tea suppliers.

6. Shipping time

The last tip is to consider the tea’s shipping time after placing a bulk order. This boils down to how a tea supplier processes their orders, including emergencies. You need to choose a supplier whose operations are efficient and time-sensitive in shipping for their clients.

Bluesea Tea is Your Ideal Wholesale Tea Supplier

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